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CONSUMER ALERT:  Car dealers will mark-up the price of an extended auto warranty as much as $2,000 and more!
And if that's not bad enough let me WARN YOU....  There are Very Few extended auto warranty companies out there that are worth the paper they are written on!
Yes, an extended car warranty is a smart investment if you choose the right company and don't pay the inflated dealership prices.
The price of a single repair job could easily cost as much or more than the cost of a complete quality extended warranty.
To find out more about how to keep from getting ripped off click: Auto Extended Warranty Tips

The "payoff" is the amount of money remaining on YOUR car loan!  This is money that YOU owe!  The car dealer doesn't owe it! You do!
So, when you trade in your vehicle, the "payoff" balance must be paid off, or the bank will not release your title to the car dealer you're trading to!
Read more. . .

Dealers often advertise "Program Cars" in their ads.   "Program Cars" are usually advertised as "Smart Cars," or "Factory Official Cars" or "Factory Demo's."   They are usually one or two year old vehicles with 30,000 miles or less on them.  Read more...

The "spot delivery" is a technique that car dealers use to get you to take delivery of a vehicle immediately after you agree on a car deal.
Car sales people know they have to get you when you're "HOT," or when you're all worked up emotionally.   Everything is Now, Now, Now!  In the Car Business There's No Tomorrow!
The F & I Manager will throw together some bank papers for you to sign, and then, usually, after you're down the road, he'll get the deal approved at the bank, and hope they go along with the rate and terms that he signed you up for!
If they can't get the loan bought anywhere then they have to get the car back from you!  Not a pleasant situation for them or you!  Read more...

Car sales people hate it when you don't tell them you have a trade until after you negotiate a price on the car you want to buy!  (A basic technique of the "InsiderCarSecrets Brigade!")
You know why?  Because you've just backed them into a corner.
Now they have to tell you what they are really going to give you for your car, and you're probably not going to like it much!
If you tell them from the beginning they will try to get you to believe that they are giving you more for your trade than they are really giving you.  This is done by manipulating the sales figures on the buyer's order.  It's kind of like playing a numbers "shell game!"  Read more...

An "Up" is someone who walks on the car lot.  A customer!
A "Get-Me-Done" is somebody who has borderline credit at best, and will take almost any vehicle at any terms just to get financed.
A "Laydown" is a customer who buys at whatever price the salesperson quotes.
The "Bump" is where the Sales Manager sends the salesperson back out to get a higher price, or to "Bump" the customer for more money!
A "Lowball" is an unrealistically low price that the salesperson gives the customer before the customer leaves to shop price at another dealer.
Read more. . .

 Welcome To  

Thanks for visiting my website! My name is Tony Iorio. I am a 37 year veteran of the car business. If you want to learn how to buy a new or used car at the lowest possible price with the best car financing available . . .without being badgered and ripped-off at every turn, then you're in the right place.

You will also learn how to trade a car even if you owe money on it, the best time to buy a car, How to try to get a car loan with bad credit, how to avoid problems when financing your car through a dealer, what goes on behind the scenes in a car dealership during a car deal and many other aspects of the car buying process.

You will find no theory here - only actual proven facts from my own hands on car dealership experience!

Most car dealers and car sales people are honest folks, but you must remember. . . Car Sales People, Sales Managers and Finance Managers all work on commission. They are thinking about their pay checks first when selling you a vehicle and arranging car financing for you!

You should also be aware that many car dealers train their sales staffs in a Dedicated Professional Selling System designed to manipulate you into making an emotional car buying decision before you have a chance to think it through. So Be Prepared!

Explore this website. There are hundreds of pages of car buying secrets and car buying advice here. Information and tips that will save you thousands of dollars, tons of time and a whole lot of aggravation in your quest to buy and trade a vehicle!

Tony Iorio
 Some Emails From My Website Visitors:  

"I'm a General Sales Manager of a large dealership.  You obviously do have the experience in your explanations of how the whole automobile industry machine works.  To anyone buying a car you offer solid helpful advice.

"Best Regards,"


Hi Tony,

"Just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know I bought my car today, and I couldn't have done it without your advice and information. I was dreading the whole experience, but thanks to you I DON'T feel as though I got taken....I almost feel a little guilty!

"As you say Tony, you can save thousands of dollars if you take the time to be informed. It worked for me! I'm grateful for your information and your support....BIG HUG!!!....

"Thanks again Tony!"


Hello Tony,

This is just a note to thank you for your website and all the work you have obviously done to create it . . . Read full note and my answer here!

Emails I've Received From Car Sales People!
The Good . . . The Bad . . . & The Ugly!

Some Very Illuminating Stuff! You Just Have to Read Some of These Emails!

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  Insider Car Secrets & Tips on How to Buy a New Car!  

Car Buying Secrets and Advice on How to Buy a New or Used Car!

Always Remember. . .Two people can walk into the same car dealership and buy identical new cars, but the one who is unprepared may end up paying THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS more than the other!  This is a fact-of-life in the car business!  YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!

Get New Car Price Quotes FIRST. . .Before You Make a Car Deal!

BEFORE you step one foot in the car dealer's showroom to buy that new or used car, be sure you know what you want to buy, and how much you are willing to pay for it! It's the only way you can stay in control of the car buying process! Do it any other way and it will cost you thousands of dollars extra!

If you don't get anything else from this web site Please Remember This: When you are negotiating a new car price. . .or even a used car price for that matter. . .know ahead of time how much you are willing to pay for that vehicle.

Keep the Negotiations Centered on the New Car or Used Car Selling Price.  DON'T let the car salesperson talk you into negotiating based on trade-in value or on monthly payments.  Once you do this you have lost control of the deal and the salesperson gets the upper hand!  ...and once the salesperson gets the upper hand you will pay thousands of dollars more than you should have to!

Before you go in to buy that new or used car you must know the following:
  1. How much are you willing to pay for that new car or used car that you want?
  2. How much is car financing going to cost you?  Ideally, you should have your financing arranged in advance!  For more information go to Car Financing Information.

For more information regarding all aspects of car financing and how to handle your payoff on your trade visit my other site at

You can research the vehicle you want, including getting the dealer invoice amount and a free price quote by going to the top rated sites listed below:

And Always Remember: Never Buy a Used Car Without First Getting a Free CARFAX Record Check on the Vehicle. Never!

 Insider Secrets & Tips About Auto Loans and Financing  

DON'T get taken advantage of in the dealer's Car Finance Office, also known as the "F & I Office" or the "Business Office." This is the car dealer's Most Lucrative Profit Center!  DON'T BE FOOLED!  Their goal is to arrange your car financing and have you walk out with the highest monthly payment possible. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!

It's Real Simple!  If you let the auto dealer arrange your new car or used car financing you WILL pay dearly!  NOW, HEAR ME. . .If you let the car dealer handle your new car or used car financing you'll probably end up paying Hundreds Too Much!

I'm talking to you from my many years of experience as an auto dealer Finance Manager! Believe me when I tell you that I know what goes on in the Finance Office....and it isn't pretty!

If You don't believe me read the following article I've written: "The Most Closely Guarded Secret in the Car Business!"

The wise move on your part would be to arrange your car financing in advance. You can do this in as little as 15 minutes on this website at Standard Auto Financial , or Auto Credit Express® It Will Save You BIG MONEY!

And don't forget to check your credit score at FreeScore360.

 Insider Secrets & Tips About New & Used Extended Auto Warranties  

Did You Know that Car Dealers Will Mark-Up the Price of a New Car
or Used Car Extended Warranty $400 to $2,000 and MORE?

Before you consider getting an extended auto warranty please read the valuable and money saving information at the following link: "The Real Facts About Extended Auto Warranties and How to Buy One Without Getting Ripped-Off!"

If You're in a Hurry Click on the Following Links and Get Free, Discounted Extended Auto Warranty Price Quotes: & Endurance Vehicle Protection

Find Car Incentives & Rebates at

Here's an Important Little Tidbit for You:  Did you know that in almost 80% of the cases where married couples buy a new or used vehicle that it is the woman who calls the shots and makes the final decision?  Sorry Guys, but It's True!
Women in particular are distrustful of car salespeople...especially used car salespeople! When a women is shopping for a car alone she is often told to come back with her husband without the salesperson ever knowing if she is actually married or not! Read more...


The Finance Dept. in the dealership, otherwise known as the "Business Office" or the "F&I Dept." has only ONE JOB; To make sure you walk out with the HIGHEST PAYMENT POSSIBLE!
What the public doesn't realize is that the dealership makes as much, and often more money in the Finance Office than it does on the actual sale of the vehicle! Read more...

Most dealerships train their salespeople in a "Selling System" that is designed to lead you through the car buying process in such a manner that you don't realize that you are being manipulated and led down the "Yellow Brick Road" to the sale!
This system takes on different variations.  For example, the "Ten-Step," the "Eight-Step," the "Four-Square" and so forth, but the end result is always the same.  To get you to make an emotional buying decision right there on the spot!

Now understand this: Even if the car dealership sells you a vehicle at dealer cost or "invoice," they are still making money!
The factory gives them what is called "holdback" on each new vehicle sold.  On a vehicle that stickers for $30,000 the "holdback" could be as much as $800 to $900!
Now, don't get too excited just yet! 

Having spent part of my career as a Finance Manager in several car dealerships I often encountered people with glitches on their credit reports.
In many of those cases the glitches were inaccuracies of various sorts.  The customers had no idea these discrepancies existed.  In some cases they were denied credit due to this inaccurate information.
Read more. . .

The best time to buy a new or used car or truck is:
1. The Weekend, Including Monday Nights!
These are the busiest times of the week in a car dealership.  Most promotions are geared for these times.
2. The End of the Month!
During the last few days of the month the sales manager and the salespeople are all very motivated to put together as many deals as they can, so they can make their quota and bonus.
3. The End of the Model Year!
When the new models are rolling in, the car dealers desperately want to get rid of their leftover models as soon as possible.  As such, they are very likely to accept almost any reasonable deal that you offer them on these vehicles.  Read more...

Did you know when you drive your new car off the dealer's lot your car has most likely lost 20% to 30% of its value?
If you put less than a 20% down payment on your car, there's a good chance you need Gap Insurance.
Gap insurance covers the difference between the value of your car and what you actually owe on it in case your vehicle is declared a "total loss" by your insurance company.
Without Gap insurance coverage you could end up owing thousands of dollars on your car loan after your car is long gone!
How would you like to still owe $5,000 on a car that sits in a junk yard having been declared a "total loss" by your insurance company?  Read more...

It never ceases to amaze me how so many people fall for the phony nonsense that car dealers put in their ads! Yet week after week you see the most outrageous ads run by the car dealers.  And let me tell you, those big color newspaper ads aren't cheap!
Whatever you think the ads are saying, Don't Believe Them!  There's a catch, an angle or something misleading in MOST car ads.
I emphasize "MOST" because there ARE honest dealers out there who have too much integrity to pull some of the shenanigans that go on!
By the way. . . the sole purpose of all the gimmicks you see in car ads, is to get you in the door at the dealership, and not let you leave until you buy a vehicle.
Read more. . .
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